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In the summer of 2018, a group of female college students with a mutual love of Torah were in search of a high level learning program in the Five Towns. When they found none that catered to their needs, they decided to build their own, and this is how Bnot Sinai began.


We are the first women’s Beit Midrash program in the Five Towns, created by college students and open to all Orthodox women. Our program fosters a dedicated Beit Midrash learning environment with top-quality educators to guide and support our learning. We study a wide range of Torah subjects, from Gemara B’Iyun to Tanach, Halacha and Machshava, in both chavruta and shiur settings. In addition, we offer guest lectures open to the community. To learn more about a typical day at Bnot Sinai, check out our daily schedule.


For the past three summers, Bnot Sinai has provided women with a home for their love of Torah, in the heart of the Five Towns. To find out more about Bnot Sinai, take a look at our schedule, faculty, FAQsphotos, and testimonials, in addition to Bnot Sinai in the news.


Join Bnot Sinai's incredible cohort for this summer, or contribute to become part of the Bnot Sinai community.

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