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Our Mission

Bnot Sinai provides a space for women who want to connect to the Torah and to each other through learning. Bnot Sinai's Beit Midrash programing will provide women the opportunity to experience chavruta learning and engaging, rigorous Gemara, Tanach, and Halacha education.

Our Values







 At Bnot Sinai, we strive to grow women's knowledge and opportunities for Talmud Torah


At Bnot Sinai, we work to offer opportunities to women educationally, professionally, and personally.

At Bnot Sinai, we inculcate a feeling of ownership of one's learning, and encourage women to pursue challenges.

At Bnot Sinai, we foster an environment where everyone involved loves Torah and is invested in women's learning.

Our History

In the summer of 2018, a group of female college students with a mutual love of Torah sought for a place to learn Torah at a high level, in a supportive, all women’s Beit Midrash environment. When they found none that catered to their needs, they decided to build their own. This is how Bnot Sinai began

From this grassroots initiative, Bnot Sinai has grown into a Torah institution for over 50 women, offering annual summer Beit Midrash programming. Created by women for women, Bnot Sinai is a home for women seeking to take ownership over their Torah study. Bnot Sinai offers in-depth learning of a variety of topics, including Gemara, Halacha, and Tanach, all learnt with both chavruta and shiur components, under top-tier Torah educators. 


For the past five summers, Bnot Sinai has been housed in Long Island, in the heart of the Five Towns. In 2023, Bnot Sinai is moving to New York City for an exciting learning opportunity in the center of Manhattan. Stay tuned for more exciting details for the 2023 cohort.

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