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What students, teachers, and our community
are saying about Bnot Sinai

I have been incredibly impressed with Bnot Sinai, both the vision and execution. Having students who care so much about Torah that they not only dedicate their summer time but also organize the program from A to Z themselves is simply amazing. And we're just getting started!

- Rabbi Jonathan Shulman; OU Yavneh Initiative

To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a program like Bnot Sinai in my community, and I felt tremendous pride that a friend and young college student was able to pinpoint the need and develop such an extensive and professional schedule. I had to be a part of this groundbreaking program.

- Rachel Fried; Bnot Sinai student

All I want is to learn. All day, everyday. And while that’s nowhere near realistic, learning at Bnot Sinai last summer got me close to that wish for the wonderful two weeks I was able to attend the program. The hours of intense Gemara every morning, serious halakha night seder at night, a day filled with chavruta learning - not only did I enjoy every second of the program, but I realized how much my skills had advanced after only the two weeks I was there. I was surrounded everyday by women who were learning alongside me because they wanted to be there, and they had finally found a program built for them. Bnot Sinai is revolutionary and I cannot wait to attend this summer.

- Avigayil Lev; Bnot Sinai student

It’s incredible to finally see a high level learning program available for women. As someone who really connects to Hashem and Judaism through learning, it’s so important to be able to learn in a comfortable environment that does not compromise on its intellectual level.

-Elyanna Saperstein; Bnot Sinai student

It is inspiring that a group of driven young women have a created a high level learning experience where nothing on par for their gender and age existed. I would love for more adult women in the Five Towns to learn about the program and join in Bnot Sinai’s learning. Bnot Sinai has accomplished so much, and there is still so much potential!

-Lisa Septimus; Bnot Sinai educator

The women who participated in Bnot were sincerely passionate and committed to the supreme value of learning Torah lishma. The atmosphere and environment of the program can best be characterized by the commitment of the participants to conducting a sophisticated level of discussion, as well as to the pursuit of truth and yirat shamayim. From a personal perspective, I enjoyed having the opportunity to share Torah with the participants and was enriched by our conversations regarding religious-philosophical topics. I highly recommend to all those women who are seeking a unique learning and growth experience to attend in the future.

-Rabbi Ilan Schimmel; Bnot Sinai educator

It was a pleasure to give shiur at Bnot Sinai. The women were highly motivated to learn, to prepare, to question, to analyze, to investigate, and most importantly to grow. The atmosphere of serious Torah learning was inspiring to be a part of.

- Rabbi Dr, Elie Feder; Bnot Sinai educator

It’s incredible to finally see a high level learning program available for women. As someone who really connects to Hashem and Judaism through learning, it’s so important to be able to learn in a comfortable environment that does not compromise on its intellectual level.

-Elyanna Sapperstein; Bnot Sinai student

After coming back from a year in Seminary, I was concerned that my Torah learning opportunities would lack the same intensity and breadth that I grew accustomed to over the months I’d studied in Israel.

B'not Sinai was exactly what I needed. Studying at B'not Sinai helped me actualize the Torah learning skills that I'd learned in seminary and gave me the assurance that I could match the level of learning from my seminary year, regardless of where I was.

It was inspiring to spend two weeks out of my summer, learning from the early morning until the late night and it was refreshing to see how much I learned and how many sources I’d delved into in such a short amount of time. I look forward to another successful learning session with B’not Sinai this summer!

-Zahava Fertig; Bnot Sinai student

Bnot Sinai is exactly what I had been looking for, offering me the opportunity for structured Torah learning once I’d graduated from my formal education. Bnot Sinai not only allows me to maintain my learning, but improve my learning. Most of the programming for women that I’ve found are only speakers without a formal seder and shiur, whereas Bnot Sinai helps me with my independent learning beyond its scheduled programming. It is invigorating to be surrounded by a community of women who share my in religious passions and hardships, and it is encouraging to keep delving into the depths of my religious life.

- Sara Raizel; Bnot Sinai student

In the Modern Orthodox community, girls are provided with a strong background in torah studies from elementary and high school, and post high school, many take a year to learn in Israel. But for most, that is the last opportunity to formally develop their torah knowledge. For some women, this is not enough. They “thirst for Hashem” (based on Tehillim 42:3), and desire to further their learning. Bnot Sinai offers an incredible program that allows these exceptional women to develop their knowledge and love of Hashem. These women will surely have an impact on others as well, as they go out into the world with a stronger understanding of and commitment to torah and mitzvot.

-Hindy Feder; Bnot Sinai educator

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