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Can I join Bnot Sinai part-time?

Yes! Just let us know when you will be available and we will be happy to accommodate.  

Can I join for just a few days?

We understand that everyone has different obligations and different responsibilities. If you have to miss some days -- or even if you can only come for a couple of days -- we’d love to learn with you whenever you’re available. 


Is tuition assistance available?

Absolutely. We never turn a participant away because of trouble paying tuition. If financial assistance would make attending the program more feasible for you, please reach out to Tamar ( and we will find something that works for you.


If I come for less time, will it cost less?

We have one set tuition to help us cover program costs. However, if it is not feasible for you to pay the full amount, please see the above question regarding tuition assistance. 


I don’t have a lot of Gemara background. Will I be able to follow Gemara shiur?

This question will ultimately be very personal, as different people have different preferences for shiur style, with or without a formal background. However, we have been told that our Gemara teacher is very clear, and because of this, those who are new to Gemara are able to grasp the concepts, while those who come in with a background are still challenged. At Bnot Sinai, we recognize that we open our doors to women with a variety of backgrounds, and do our best to ensure that everyone feels supported. You are welcome to try out the classes for yourself, and see if it is a good fit for us. 

I don’t know how I will get to Bnot Sinai. What options are available for me?

We are happy to work with our participants to find a feasible option to attend the program. 

  • We can inquire for a place to host you for the duration of the program. 

  • We can try to find someone coming in from your area, and inquire about arranging a carpool

Have a question that's not listed here? Reach out to our program director; Tamar Beer ( to find out more!

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