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Jessie Fischbein


I started teaching high school students the same year I started homeschooling my children. Education at home with my own children, giving shiurim to adults, and teaching high school students has become one of the major focuses of my life. I'm particularly passionate about teaching Torah SheBichtav.


I want to understand and share the basic meaning of the words that Hashem gave us, and to explore and discuss the deeper wisdom and what that means for our lives. Being a homeschooler, I have a big interest in alternative education and I tend to pay no attention to what a student is "supposed" to know. I focus on what the student actually does know, and work from there. I'm willing to try different things and I like students to learn by doing, rather than by passively listening, whenever possible. I'm also inclined to evaluate "success" as different than "doing well on tests" and "learning" as different than "regurgitating back to me what I said in class accurately."


Additionally, I am the author of Infertility in the Bible, a book about how the Imahot handled their challenges and what that means for us. 

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